MBA in Business Analytics

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Advance your business analytics career with a specialised MBA from India’s #1 private university.

Master in-demand data science skills and become a business management expert with the new online MBA in Business Analytics from OP Jindal Global University, the No. 1 private university in India.

If you’re looking to pivot into managerial roles and acquire analytics capabilities, this is the MBA for you. The unique curriculum will help you build the expertise to switch to analytics roles within your current organization or industry, or take up jobs in the technology and analytics sector. With an affordable tuition fee and flexible pacing, you can focus on strengthening your analytics skill set to keep up with today’s data-driven, analytics-focused business environment.

By dedicating 9-10 hours of weekly effort over 24-36 months, you can pursue this degree and comfortably maintain your work/life balance. You will have access to more than 25 courses and one capstone project. You’ll also have the opportunity to opt for electives from diverse analytics and technology-focused courses.

What makes this Master's degree unique?

Learn to apply data analytics to relevant business management problems
The course curriculum has been carefully designed keeping in mind two key requirements for a successful Business Analyst: to identify and understand problems in a wide range of business domains, and to apply data driven, analytical approaches to describe and diagnose business problems, predict future possibilities, and prescribe solutions. The coursework provides a balanced mix of theoretical and hands-on learning to enable holistic learning and provide job-readiness.

Learn and interact with a global community of teachers and peers
You will learn from highly qualified and experienced business management and analytics faculty. Your instructors possess outstanding teaching and research records, and are well-established as thinkers in their domains of expertise. You’ll also experience the diverse perspectives of a global cohort of peers and benefit from a more cosmopolitan mindset.

Reskill and upskill to take on analytics-focused, strategic roles
This degree will provide the skills and knowledge necessary to set your Business Analytics career in motion. Whether it’s switching to an applied analytics role in your current organization or industry, or pursuing a core analytics role, you will earn a credential that can help make the shift.


The curriculum of the online MBA in Business Analytics features two parallel tracks - Business Management and Analytics. The curriculum includes thirteen courses on business management, eight courses on statistics and analytics techniques, five electives, and one capstone project.

Each course (other than the capstone project) will require approximately 30 hours of learner effort, across a span of 6 weeks. At most, two courses will run in parallel at a time, allowing you to appreciate different subject matters while maintaining a work/life balance. The capstone will require around 50 hours of student effort over 10 weeks.

Each course will include some pre-recorded instructor videos, reading material, and practice questions. This will be accompanied with weekly assessments, hands-on assignments, and project work (often in groups) to ensure you will achieve all course-learning objectives. You will have the opportunity to interact with faculty in at least three live sessions per course, where you may seek feedback and clarification.

The curriculum of the online MBA in Business Analytics is organized along two verticals—business management and analytics—and an engaging mix of both core and elective courses.

Business Management Vertical
Financial Management You will acquire the capability to analyze financial statements for business decision making. You’ll be introduced to the various aspects of asset valuation and capital budgeting. You will also be exposed to financial applications of analytics, such as risk and fraud predictions, through specialized hands-on courses.

Managing Operations & Supply Chain Get familiarized with the concepts, techniques and tools to design, analyse, and improve operational and supply chain capabilities of an organization. You will acquire the skills and understanding to manage projects and services. In addition, you will be able to apply analytics to solve operations, supply chain, and logistics problems.

Marketing Management You will gain a deep appreciation for the science and practice of marketing, both from the perspective of the organization and the customer. You will get acquainted with the various concepts related online and digital marketing, and will also learn to apply analytics to specific marketing, sales, and service situations.

Managing Organizations & People You will develop a better understanding of human behavior, at individual and collective levels, and the impact of organizational practices on this behavior. You will also be introduced to the principles of managing human resources (HR) in organizations, and apply analytics to make better HR decisions.

Strategic Management & Entrepreneurship You will be able to evaluate, understand, and devise organizational strategies for superior performance. You will also be able to identify and explore new markets and business opportunities, and run entrepreneurial ventures successfully.

Managing Business Environments It’s time to learn the fundamental aspects of business management. You will be able to apply micro- and macro-economic principles and methodologies to business decision problems. You will also be introduced to relevant aspects of business law and regulations, and learn to appreciate ethical and responsible business practices.

Analytics Vertical
Statistics for Business You will get familiarized with the principles, techniques, and tools for statistical analysis and useful for making business decisions.

Analytics Tools and Techniques You will acquire the skill to use spreadsheet software and programming tools for modeling business decision problems.

Fundamental and Advanced Business Analytics You will be introduced to the fundamental and advanced concepts and techniques for applying analytics to business situations. You will learn how to explore data to arrive at a description and diagnosis of business problems. You will also acquire the skill to apply techniques of predictive analytics in diverse business situations.

Analyzing Data and Communicating Insights You will be able to graphically analyze business data and develop the skill to effectively communicate data-driven stories. You will get acquainted with the tools and techniques to utilize textual data to gain business insights. You will also be able to harness time series data for business forecasting and trend analysis.

Emerging Technologies and Trends You will get familiarized with emerging technologies and trends, such as IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and be able to devise your business applications.