Global Master of Business Administration (GMBA)

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Global MBA ranked #1 in Australia and #6 globally -- CEO Magazine Online MBA Ranking 2020

Tomorrow’s workplace is complex, challenging, and full of potential. Technology is disrupting existing markets while creating new opportunities and shifting how businesses fundamentally work. Macquarie University’s 100% online Global MBA program doesn’t just build your expertise in foundational MBA subjects such as marketing and accounting, it will help you develop the capabilities you need to differentiate yourself and succeed in the future. This exclusive structure from one of Australia’s top-ranked business schools delivers even more impact than a traditional MBA and prepares you for the boardrooms of tomorrow’s most successful companies.

What makes this degree unique? Designed for tomorrow

Uniquely structured around six key future-focused capabilities, the Global MBA prepares you for success in the world of tomorrow through future-focused capabilities while still providing a traditional MBA curriculum in accounting, marketing, and other core business foundations. You’ll master Strategising, Leading, Analysing, Influencing, Adapting, and Problem Solving from the #11 school in the world for alumni career progression according to The Financial Times.

Stackable and flexible

In a first-of-its-kind pathway, students who do not meet the direct admissions criteria can still be accepted based on performance. Students enrolled in the Performance Track (non-award) must complete at least 20 credit points (4 units) from any specialisation (with the exception of Problem Solving capstone), with a Weighted Average Mark (WAM) of at least 65. You can also enroll in individual unit(s) that interest you on a non-award basis. To apply for the Performance Track or to study an individual unit, please select the 'Non-Award' Application form.

Competitively priced and top-quality

At AUD $33,000 for tuition and fees, the Global MBA is competitively priced in the online MBA market, making a top-quality MBA more accessible than ever.

Direct access to world-renowned faculty and industry leaders

Degree students get access to renowned academics and industry leaders and a diverse and professional cohort, as well as premium features including live interactive webinars, staff-graded and moderated assessments, podcasts, and other high-engagement learning activities. You will also have the opportunity to attend local meetups in select countries and will become a member of the impressive Alumni network upon graduation

Real problems to solve

You will solve real-world problems by collaborating with a range of industry partners. All four courses in the Capstone are co-created and co-delivered with industry partners to present you with a best-in-class toolkit. You will be challenged to maximise your curiosity and test the knowledge you’ve accumulated through distinct phases including ideation, solution development, and pitching. By the end of your degree, you’ll have a portfolio of case studies.

Try before you buy

Our partnership with Coursera means you get to try before you buy. All of the courses feature an open component, meaning you can experience the course before committing to the degree.



The Global MBA is made up of six capabilities - Strategising, Leading, Analysing, Influencing, Adapting, and Problem Solving. There are four units of study under each capability. Students admitted to the degree need to successfully complete all 24 units (i.e. achieve 120 credit points) in order to graduate. Each unit is worth 5 credit points.

Leading: Great CEOs know how to leverage talent as well as technology to transform the way business gets done.


  • GMBA8001 Know your people
  • GMBA8002 Know your organisation
  • GMBA8003 Adapt your leadership style
  • GMBA8004 Become a meaning maker
Strategising: In the midst of today’s fast-changing challenges and opportunities, leaders need to adapt and respond quickly.


  • GMBA8011 Be competitive
  • GMBA8012 Be global
  • GMBA8013 Be disruptive
  • GMBA8014 Be sustainable
Analysing: Data, and the skills needed to analyse information and generate insights, are more central than ever to business success.


  • GMBA8021 Know your numbers 1
  • GMBA8022 Know your numbers 2
  • GMBA8023 Generate insights
  • GMBA8024 Know your customers
Influencing: Leaders need to be adept at using power and politics to shape the decision-making process and bring about change.


  • GMBA8031 Communicate with impact
  • GMBA8032 Manage change
  • GMBA8033 Negotiate and resolve conflict
  • GMBA8034 Engage the board
Adapting: Changes to technology and culture are transforming the meaning of work. Courses in “Adapting” will help students navigate this landscape with confidence and purpose.


  • GMBA8101 Your career, your life
  • GMBA8102 Build personal resilience
  • GMBA8103 Improve yourself, always
  • GMBA8104 Become a global citizen
Problem Solving: In this capstone Specialisation, Global MBA students apply their problem-solving skills to real-world projects with guidance from Macquarie’s faculty and industry leaders.


  • GMBA8121 Advise
  • GMBA8122 Be curious
  • GMBA8123 Applied immersion 1
  • GMBA8124 Applied immersion 2