SharePoint Teams Sites Quick Tips

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Pick up tips that can help you get the most out of SharePoint team sites. Learn how to leverage several helpful—but not widely known—SharePoint features.

SharePoint team sites allow groups of people to collaborate on projects and libraries, as well as collectively source data. SharePoint provides a lot of functionality that can help teams collaborate and communicate effectively and efficiently; however, actually finding and using these features isn't always intuitive. In this course, Shari L. Oswald provides a variety of quick tips and ideas that can help SharePoint users get the most out of team sites. Throughout the course, Shari acquaints you with several helpful—but not widely known—SharePoint features. Learn strategies for creating user-friendly navigation, working with calendars, creating custom permission levels, streamlining your work, and more.


  • Beyond the basics with team sites
1. Getting Started with SharePoint Team Sites
  • Using the getting started link bar
  • Share your site
  • Working on a deadline?
  • Add lists, libraries, and other apps
  • What's your style?
  • Your site, your brand
2.Best-Kept Secret List and Library Settings
  • Managing files with no checked-in version
  • Enabling retention policies
  • Enabling auditing policies
  • Enabling rating settings
  • Hiding your list or library from search
  • Disabling offline capabilities
  • Save templates
3.Working with Calendars
  • Why use a SharePoint calendar?
  • Adding a calendar overlay
4.Creating User-Friendly Navigation
  • Adding a link to a view of a list or library
  • Adding a Promoted Links list
  • Adding a site Asset Library
  • Uploading images to the site Asset Library
  • Adding a Promoted Link
  • Organizing your Promoted Links
  • Adding a Promoted Links Web Part
5. Using Audience Targeting
  • What is audience targeting?
  • Using audience targeting on Web Parts
6. Working with Columns and Views
  • Exploring custom column options
  • Create a lookup column in a list or library
  • Creating a personal view
7. Next Level Permissions
  • Creating custom permission levels
  • Checking a user's permissions
8. Streamlining Your Work
  • Syncing a task list to Outlook
  • Syncing a contacts list to Outlook

Taught by

Shari L Oswald