Foundations of Healthcare Systems Engineering

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4 weeks long, 5-6 hours worth of material


Through dynamic video lectures and practical application questions, you will learn about the Foundations of Healthcare Systems Engineering.In this course you will learn about the current lack of synchronized, efficient, and integrated healthcare systems, which are some of the drivers for improvements to healthcare delivery.Also in this course, you will learn about the different types of systems and how they are translated to the healthcare field for appropriate systems engineering process applications, with exemplars.Upon system type articulation and mapping, the systems engineering approach will be introduced to help begin the process of: 1) investigating healthcare challenges, needs, and requirements development; 2) developing system concepts, that are derived from requirements, and then realized in physical and process form; and finally, 3) the establishment of means to verify, validate, and deploy healthcare systems that address the need and meet requirements. Applications and exemplars will be provided.


  • Healthcare Drivers
    • In this module, you will be introduced to the drivers and needs to improve healthcare and how systems engineering can enable this betterment.
  • System Types
    • This module will introduce you to the different system types, their characteristics, attributes, with exemplars.
  • Systems Engineering Approach
    • In this module, the systems engineering approach will be introduced to enable you to conceptualize the application for healthcare system challenge resolution.
  • Healthcare Systems Engineering Approach Applications
    • This module will introduce you to the variety of healthcare systems and then map these systems to the appropriate system type for systems engineering application within the systems engineering approach.

Taught by

Dr. Matthew (Matt) Montoya