Math for MBA and GMAT Prep

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7 weeks long, 13 hours worth of material


This course gives participants a basic understanding of statistics as they apply in business situations. A fair share of students considering MBA programs come from backgrounds that do not include a large amount of training in mathematics and statistics. Often, students find themselves at a disadvantage when they apply for or enroll in MBA programs. This course will give you the tools to understand how these business statistics are calculated for navigating the built-in formulas that are included in Excel, but also how to apply these formulas in an range of business settings and situations.


  • Introduction
    • Get to know your professor, Thomas Smith, and introduce yourself.
  • Descriptive Statistics
    • This module covers means, medians, modes, standard deviations, and foundational statistics concepts.
  • Data and Data Visualization: Excel Tools and Techniques
    • This module presents Excel tools and techniques for data visualization.
  • Equations and Inverting Equations (Algebra Refresher)
    • In this module, refresh your algebra skills with equations.
  • Common Business Concepts
    • This module covers common business concepts and mathematical applications to business settings.
  • Calculus and Marginal Analysis in a Business Context
    • This module will provide an overview of calculus and marginal analysis.
  • Regression Analysis
    • This module will provide an overview of regressions and coefficients.

Taught by

Thomas Smith